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From Here to Eternity

Alibris Hot off the Press Standard

News: Thirty-something A.D.
War Drags You out, Large Hadron Collider, Coca-cola, The Gospel According to Monkeyfinger, Laotian New Year, Life on Mars, Hotmail Sucks

News: 60 Million Years B.C.
Dinosaur Bones, Watching the Grass Grow, Tobacco Flavoured Ice Cream

Xmas 2007

News: Nov 2 1956
Re-animator, Duns Scotis, Pishoguerie

News: Oct 23 1971
Rugby World Cup, Gene Vincent Epitomy of Rock, Che Guevara and Sputnik Anniversaries

News: Sep 2007
A thug's game played by gentlemen, Rugby World Cup in France

News: 79 A.D.
Radio-active Cows, Worst Ever Novelist/Poet, Scam Reimbursement Scheme

News: Jul 23 1970
Ray Davies, Muddy Waters, Freemasonry and the Crusades

40 Years Ago Today
Paris Hilton Designer Frames, Back From the Dead, Matariki, Sam Hunt, Fallout over ANZUS, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Hogzilla Hate Mail, Trace Hodgson, World's Favourite Alien Landing Sites, Tennessee Fainting Goat, Ozymandias

April Fool's Day
Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Say it Ain't So!, Rolling Stone Snorts Dad's Ashes

News: Mar 2007
How High is your Spam Count? Code Name Zigzag, David Eggleton's Off Motorway Notes

News: Feb 2007
Myspam, Comet McNaught,

News: Jan 2007
Myspace Invaders, Bad Santas

Xmas 3006
The Longest Day - Sociolinguistics in Action, Rasputin, Cool Person Test

Guy Fawkes Day
Inverted Jenny flies again, Life the Universe and Everything, the battle between religion and science rages on, Pastafarianism, Transit of Mercury, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Hippo Eats Dwarf, Dead Famous People, Monarch Butterflies, The Wandering Ant, Betel-nut Beauties, Xena, The Big Bang

Confucius' Birthday
Daniel Pearl, John Cage, Solomon Grundy, Shaft, Google - Don't be Evil? Star Wars III - The Backstroke of the West

News: Aug 2006
The Battle For Pluto, Text Messages of Babylon, The Land of Moron, The Trial

News: 1984
Toilet Diplomacy, Palimpsests, Orwell, Syd Barrett, Andy Warhol, Football World Cup

Solstice (Summer or Winter, it's all relative)
Barry Manilow, Hell, Mona Lisa

News: May 2006
Uri Geller and the King, BBC Bloopers, Neil Young,

Tomb Sweeping Day
ANZAC Day, Hock Tuesday, The Gospel According to Judas, Shafts of Strife

St. Patrick's Day
He's a Lumberjack and he's O.K., The Filth and the Fury

Year of the Dog
The Camelphant, The Million Dollar Website, Save Toby

News: Jan 2006
On the Bog (and other matters) - Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Pinoncelli

News: Dec 2005
Seasoned Gratings - Santarchy, George Best

News: Nov 2005
Worst Jobs in Science, Harriet turns 175, Tomoko Takahashi - Booze Artist

News: Oct 2005
Time Machine, Little Green Men

News: Sep 2005
Claude Vorilhon and the Raelians, Pac-man turns 25, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

News: Sep 2005
There's nothing there really