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Spam Files: Our intrepid Spambaiter goes undercover to see if their is gold at the end of that virtual rainbow. Also the Rogues Gallery a collection of our favourite spammages for purveyors of fine spam.

Ken presents a series of Dharma Readings - Hey it's not all head in the clouds mumbo jumbo, some of it's quite down to Earth!

The Puddle - New album "No Love, No Hate", discography, downloadable MP3s of classic Puddle tunes "Thursday" and "Southern Man".

Travels in Asia - A ridiculous looking kiwi lurches and bumbles his way around Asia on a journey of recovery.

Deadline Online - Beyond a State of Terror

Remember when you were just a kid and you wondered if your parents were in fact aliens and that you were part of an elaborate experiment designed to eek out the essential secrets about what it is to be human, and when the fiendish extra-terrestrials got all the information they needed they would embark on a mission of extermination on planet Earth, and life as we know it would cease to exist?

I hate to be the one to break the news but it's all true. Yes, we are, all of us, living in a very cute and cleverly designed insane asylum. You have by some good fortune and the confluence of cosmic reason stumbled across my own personal piece of resistance, and are cordially invited to stay and wander at will through my fevered ruminations (mind you don't get your feet wet!). It may even be slightly better than having your brain sucked out through a finely drilled hole in you cranium. But fear not fellow traveller, the mother ship is on it's way and we will not for long be stranded.....


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The stars' Philosophy of Sex
Ever wonder if you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times, does he become disoriented?
Maharishi Phucknuckel's Guide to Zen
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Respected lycanthropologist Robert Cardy introduces the phenomenon of the Roaming Werewolf and discusses the implications for the wolf-in-residence in the urban setting.

An introduction to H. P. Lovecraft by George D. Henderson.

Monkeyfinger Dave Clark introduces some writings on Shakespeare and the bard's use of a literary device called "hendiadys".

Marcus Milk takes a sociological overview of Absurd Theatre and it's final developments within the broader context of The Performing Arts in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Musical Expression and Film: We look at the development of music for film and questions of whether or not music has the inherant ability to express feelings and emotions.

Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)