In Sanity We Trust

The Country Within.....

After our scuba diving trip in the Himalayas we spent a few days chilling out on the sunny tropical beaches of Laos. Next summer we're off to stay in our time share appartment on the Sea of Tranquility. We're so glad we got that place!

Each of the sentences below contains the name of a country. The country is spelled using consecutive letters. Can you find them all?

1. When I met Riccardo Montalban I asked him for an autograph.
2. Who was the sargent in Alfred's army?
3. Where did that man go last week?
4. Home of the rare ant iguana.
5. The Galapagos tortoise is a well known animal geriatric.
6. I failed algebra zillions of times.
7. It was a club hut and non members were not allowed.
8. John's robot swan ambled awkwardly.
9. Members of the club run either on Tuesdays or Fridays.
10. "Where's my comb?" Olivia shouted.
11. Nothing is worse than an itch in a difficult place to reach.
12. His inability to drive was something of an achile's heel for him.
13. A nice cup of cha does the trick!
14. Incubation chambers were a medical revolution.
15. In his den Mark was invisible to the world.
16. When glandular fever occurs seek medical attention.
17. He told her it really didn't matter.
18. Fran celebrated her birthday with champagne.
19. If I jimmy the lock the door might open.
20. He met an elf in landlocked Mongolia.
21. He looked back in anger many times.
22. We can all agree certain people are disagreeable.
23. The afghan army was deployed all along the border.
24. Bearing in mind I always ask first.
25. The Lakers once carried the dubious nickname the LA Ostriches.
26. An animal in chains is a crime against nature.
27. John watched the mormon go liase with others of his creed.
28. There is only one Palestine.
29. Let no man stand alone.
30. He had lived in Belarus, Siam and Mongolia.
31. There is a certain user bias involved.
32. They were beseiged by sleet hail and rain.
33. There was a bug and a bugle.
34. Come forth ye men of valour.
35. Like the berserkers of old, the Vikings and the Rus, we denegrate, we destroy and we pillage.

1. Albania 2. Argentina 3. Angola 4. Antigua 5. Algeria 6. Brazil 7. Bhutan 8. Botswana 9. Brunei 10. Bolivia 11. China 12. Chile 13. Chad 14. Cuba 15. Denmark 16. England 17. Eritrea 18. France 19. Fiji 20. Finland 21. Germany 22. Greece 23. Ghana 24. India 25. Laos 26. Mali 27. Mongolia 28. Nepal 29. Oman 30. Russia 31. Serbia 32. Thailand 33. Uganda 34. Yemen 35. Sweden