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No Love, No Hate

Fans can rejoice at the first Puddle release in more than five years, "No Love, No Hate". Available now from Fishrider Records

No Love No Hate - Reviews

Puddle Video: "What I Believe"
Puddle Video: "No Love No Hate"

no love no hate

Into the Moon

Pop Lib (Flying Nun FN THIS 001/PUD 1) 1986 EP

Live At The Teddy Bear Club (flying Nun FN 172) 1991 LP

Into The Moon (Flying Nun FN 164) CD 1992 (includes the "Pop Lib" ep)

Thursday/Too Hot To Be Cool (Flying Nun) 7" single, 1993.

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Thursday mp3


The Power of Love

The Power of Love/Mamelons D'amadou (Acetone) 7"single , 1994.

Southern Man (BFM "Louder" compilation) CD , 1994.

Songs For Emily Valentine (Space Cadet Academy) CD, 1998/(Powertools Records) CD 2006.

Songs For Emily Valentine

Fans can rejoice at the long awaited release of "Songs For Emily Valentine". Available now from Powertools Records.

Southern Man mp3

Songs for Emily Valentine Reviews

Songs for Emily Valentine

Recorded in 1992, Songs For Emily Valentine is considered to be the great lost Puddle album. Now, thanks to Powertool Records, we can finally hear it! Featuring would-be pop hits from start to finish, "songs for Emily Valentine" is essential listening for NZ music historians and fans of "the Dunedin Sound". You may remember the song "Southern Man" from being THE GREATEST POP SONG EVER WRITTEN. Rumour has it that George D. Henderson is at it again; gigging and recording his next masterpiece. Thanks Powertool! - MC

My first exposure to The Puddle may have been on the campus lawn at an Otago University Orientation. It was probably 1985, I had just left school and I had not even joined my own first band E.O.E. They were something of a spectacle, a ragtag bunch of drifters and wasters, the ensemble included a French Horn! What greeted my ears from across the varsity lawn was a cheerfully anarchic yet melodic cacophony which may well have provoked me to ask "What the Hell is that!" to which I was informed, "Oh that's The Puddle". The Puddle! seemed to fit.

The Puddle is the brainchild of George D. Henderson, pop genius, guru, scribe and erstwhile rock terrorist. They occupy an indelible space on the landscape of New Zealand's independent music scene.

(Richard K. Cotton, keyboards 1990-95)

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